As many customers know we have dogs we bring to work with us every day and they are a big part of lives. We found Elvis over 10 years ago and ever since we have been fans of Boston Terriers. Elvis entertained customers waiting on installs and greeted everyone that came to see us. She came to work every day until she passed away from Cancer in October 2017.

We got Cash in trade for storing a car for some friends in March 2014. He is a little shy at first, but warms up to people after awhile. He likes riding in cars and going to car shows. He will walk around all day looking at cars and people until nap time.

We adopted Huck from a Boston Terrier Rescue in Weatherford, Texas in October of 2017. When they got him he had an infected eye and was severally under weight. After surgery and a summer of rehab he is running around the office entertaining customers. He is almost the same age as Cash and similar size.

We also adopted Lola from the Boston Terrier Rescue in Weatherford, Texas. We got her in Novemeber of 2018. She is a blue Boston Terrier, very rare coloring. She is slightly bigger than the other two dogs and much faster when the three dogs have races in our back lot.

The rescue we got Huck from is the Texas Boston Terrier Rescue - Northern Corner. They locate dogs that need help from all over Texas and then get them in good shape for adoption. Some dogs need medical attention or other issues when they arrive. The rescue takes care of the medical, gets their shots up to date, gives them a micro chip for locating and then finds loving homes for the dogs. Some dogs stay a for a short visit and others stay for longer. Click on the link below to learn more about this wonderful rescue group: