2015-17 Mustang LED Switchback kit

2015-17 Mustang LED Switchback kit

Code: mus-15-17-profile-peak-switchback



Product Description


This kit includes a pair of front turn signal bulbs which are "switchback," a unique, specialty design. When this bulb is on as normal, with your parking lights or headlights, it shines a nice, pure white color. Anytime you activate the turn signals, it flashes bright amber. Two colors in one bulb, for an awesome lighting effect! You will also receive a pair of OSRAM 194-size bulbs to replace the factory front side marker bulbs. Add optional rear LED side marker bulbs also. The installation is 100% plug-and-play. You do not need to do any wiring- just replace your factory bulbs. Due to the circuit design of the 2015-17 Mustangs, you do not need resistors to slow down blinking speed. Your indicator in the dash will blink at a different rate causing a different noise, but your exterior turn signals will always blink at the standard speed. Profile Peak bulbs have a 2 year warranty and the OSRAM side marker bulbs have a 4 year warranty. 

Easier install, we have installation available for free at our shop.