2015-17 Mustang Pinstripe Dual Full Length Stripes

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Stripes are designed to fit the rear spoilers pictured. If you have a different spoiler than the ones pictured or you are unsure which spoiler you have, be sure to contact us before ordering. Stripe kits are not universal.


2015-17 Mustang Pinstripe Dual Full Length Stripes

Code: mus-15-17-pinstripe-dual

This product includes:

Front bumper, nose, hood, roof, trunk, spoiler and rear bumper stripe sections - Install available for $175

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Product Description


This Mustang stripe kit has wide dual stripes with a gap and then a pinstripe on each side of the wider main stripe. The wide dual stripes have a gap down the middle. These stripes start at the bottom of the front bumper and extend all the way to the rear bumper. The pinstripe is the same color as the main stripe and gap is pre-set. The stripes taper down the hood for a better fit. Kit includes sections for the front bumper, nose, hood, roof, trunk, spoiler and rear bumper with all edges pre-cut & labeled for easier install. These are designed to only fit the car listed, they will not fit other year models or cars with aftermarket hoods/spoilers.

We also have a "you cut to fit" option for spoilers not listed. This option includes  the trunk sections from the GT spoiler (may need trimming to fit) and a foot of stripe  material. The stripes will have to be trimmed also. This makes the install more difficult but would be the only option if you are not able to bring your car to our shop in Fort Worth, Texas. If you are able to bring your car to us we can make custom patterns to fit your spoiler. Stripes for a coupe will not fit a convertible, the trunk is longer on a convertible.  Be sure to email or call us before ordering if you have any questions on which kit you need to fit your car correctly.

Professional install, we have installation available for $175 at our shop.