2012-15 Camaro ZL-1 Smoked Lens Combination Kit

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2012-15 Camaro ZL-1 Smoked Lens Combination Kit

Code: cam-12-15-ZL1-combo

This product includes:

head lights, side markers, 3rd brake light & tail lights. 2010-13 kit includes reverse lights. 2014-15 kit includes RS tail lights - free install on this item

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Product Description


Includes overlays for headlights, tail lights, 3rd brake light, side markers and DRL lights for all 2012-15 ZL1 Camaros.
This is transparent material from Luxe Concepts with an adhesive backing that is computer cut into patterns that go over your existing lights. The material allows light to pass thru allowing your lights to still be visible. The Luxe Concepts material is a 3.5 thick material which features an air release backing for an easier install and better ability to conform to the shape of your lights. Comes off as easy as it installs and will not damage the lens. Installs with water and little bit of heat (heat gun or hair dryer works well). We include a squeegee and install instructions with all orders. Easier and better alternative to paint, window tint, sign vinyl or plastic covers.
Easier install, we have installation available for free at our shop.

Most products are available in 3 different shades:
Tint (Lightest) - Gives a subtle tinted effect, almost clear
Gun Smoke (Medium) - Darker than tint, but still allows the original lens color to be visible.
Charcoal (Darkest) - Looks almost black, but is still transparent enough for lights to be visible.